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Employee Portfolio : Management Plan

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The three employees Billy, Harold and Pamela shared similar characteristics and feelings toward their current place of employment. Despite their personal shortcomings, all three share an overall positive job satisfaction at their place of work. All three collectively have positive strengths that our organization has and will continue to utilize to ensure our organization's success. Harold adapts well to changes. He enjoys performing on different task from time to time, and he finds meaning and purpose in his work. Pamela's state of being is predominately happy, which is very important, because when an employee is happy, they tend perform at their peak. She also enjoys examining herself, which is also an important asset because that means she has an awareness of herself, how she is performing and has an awareness of how others may view her. By having such an awareness means she is open for improvement. Billy is content when working intensely on a project and is very passionate about causes. Billy's positive strengths demonstrate dedication and loyalty to the organization. The combination of all three employee's positive attributes and positive job satisfaction they share for their place of employment translates to low absenteeism and employee turnovers, and maximization of their talents to benefit the company. Although these employees have positive attributes which strengthens the company, they also have weaknesses that needs to be examined and together as an organization we must focus on improving.

All three employees admit to having a poor relationship with their supervisor, and are not content with the way their supervisor handles them and their coworkers. Although it is not clear as to why all three employees feel this way, this is a belief that is common among all three workers. By this issue being a common thread among the three workers this means that this is a problem that can no longer be ignored. With the employees being dissatisfied with their supervisor, this has possibly lead to some of the other weaknesses the employees has shared such as feeling distressed, unmotivated to come to work, and has become detached to other people's emotional reactions. With employees having such weaknesses and although this has not affected their overall feelings toward their job, if these issues are left unattended this could potentially lead to bigger problems.

As a manager I would recommend the organization to set up a meeting with the employees and supervisor to resolve their differences and if necessary the organization will reinforce interpersonal skill training to the staff. I would also recommend for the staff to hold monthly meetings with the staff to keep workers informed of any changes and progress being made. By doing so, this will change the perception and the relationship between supervisors and staffs to create a more conducive, positive and productive environment where everyone's



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