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Advantages of Employee Relationship Management (erm)

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Essay Preview: Advantages of Employee Relationship Management (erm)

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How to increase the Employee Relationship Management and the techniques of company to helps employees deal effectively with customers? Using ERM software system which is available in auto industry will help employers improve their relationship with their employees thus will enable them to deal effectively with their customers. There are some information provided through a web browser which provides employees with a subset of CRM applications. Indeed, ERM helps employees become a better person dealing with their customers and can do an excellent job by allowing a necessary information at their fingertips so that they can meet customer's needs.

What is the advantages of ERM

* Helps strengthen corporate communication and culture

* Aids employees who constantly deal with customers better handle customer interaction

* Establishes new ways to communicate throughout the company from employer-employee;employee-employee. (mail, e-mail, instant messaging, message-to-text)

* Enables efficient project management

* Minimizes time needed to search for company, product, and employee information.

* Reduces turnover

* Retains valued employees

* Streamlines performance management

. There are other major companies that offer employee relationship software some of which include IBM, Microsoft, Google, and Dell just to name a few.

There are a few important issues that can be affectively taken care of through effective employee relationship management. Some of these issues include but are not limited to:

Communication: This is key in a workplace and is one of the major components for a company to be successful in any industry. It is important for employees and employers to have open communication with one another as this can become vital for employee moral. If employee's feel like they are not being heard or if their ideas and problems are not being taken care of then employees will become tired and frustrated which can turn into a bigger problem later if morale becomes low. Low employee morale leads to bad productivity and an unwelcoming workplace.

Conflict Management: Knowing how to handle work related problems between employees and employers or employees and employees is important to maintain order and a civil workplace. ERM can help you better manage these problems and can help you negotiate and arrive at a solution that will benefit everyone.

Employee Growth: An employer that feels like all he has to do for the company is clock in get the job done and wait for a paycheck will do just that. Establishing the value that



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