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Employee Portfolio: Management Plan

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Employee Portfolio: Management Plan

Bruce Washington


August 14, 2013

Brian Gahan

Employee Portfolio: Management plan

An organizations success is not only determined by the amount of profit it makes. Employee satisfaction, employee behavior and customer satisfaction are also factors that determine the success of an organization. Research into how humans behave in organizations has revealed that there are hard and soft dimensions to organizational performance, and that the quality of organizational outputs is in no small measure dependent on the quality of the work force and how effectively it is utilized. (Smith, ). One of the most important roles in the success of an organization is played by management. Effective leadership does not just achieve the goals it sets out to achieve; it also maintains a pleasant workplace environment. Managers have a duty to ensure that the workplace environment remains professional and friendly, as well as productive. The culture at Riordan Manufacturing revolves around amazing products, excellent customer service and a great work environment.

The employees at Riordan manufacturing have completed self assessments with the purpose of aiding managers in completing their employees' portfolios. People come from all different walks of life and they all behave differently. Each person has their own character and characteristics that can assist management in guiding the employees toward success in the company. The employees that were assessed all showed characteristics which, depending on their behavior, can affect the performance of the company. Chaz and Mike both displayed a good amount of loyalty towards their job and the company, whereas, John shows that he struggles with his emotions and his attitude toward others, as well as his job satisfaction and pay. Chaz and Mikes' characters display a determination to succeed in the company and that they take pride in the work they do. Having employees that display good characteristics is a plus for a company striving for organizational success. Employees who are emotionally sound and display good personalities and attitudes tend to be more productive and contribute more to the well being and success of the company. Employees not satisfied with their job, are more apt to be disruptive and create a hostile or unpleasant workplace environment. These types of employees treat their job as just a way to get a check and are more apt to miss days. Good employees are more successful at achieving the company's goals, working towards promotions and advancing up the corporate ladder. Employees who demonstrate a positive attitude tend to be well liked by their



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