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Empowerment Approach to Human Services Management

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Essay Preview: Empowerment Approach to Human Services Management

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Empowerment Approach to Human Services Management

Laura Rubio


August 28, 2016

Gina Harper

Empowerment Approach to Human Services Management

                                Children’s Miracle Facility

A dream human service agency in the Orient area, would be Children’s Miracle Facility, it is a mental health facility that is easily accessible to clients and their families. People all over Adair County would be able to access services and be able to get the help that they need.

Children’s Miracle Facility is located in Orient, IA and it is a one stop shop to mental health and support to children with mental health issues and also for their families. It open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

                Services available through Children’s Miracle Facility:

The services that are provided for children include providing support and intervention for children who suffer from any mental health issue. Those services include: Assessment, and diagnosis/psychological evaluation, individual/family counseling, case management, parent education groups/individualized parent skills coaching, children’s skill building groups, school consultation and advocacy, medication services and education groups, distribution and examination with immediate care physician, and cross cultural services. Adolescent’s counseling, this is a program that administers mental health services to families with children that range in the age group of 6 to 18 that are experiencing behavioral and emotional difficulties. These assistances consist of assessments and evaluations, family, personal and group counseling, guardian educational groups; children’s social skills groups, school consultation along with advocacy, and medication services when needed. The home based services that are included: home based counseling services gives an in-depth, in-home clinical program concentrated on decreasing the possibility of out-of-home placement and psychiatric hospitalization for the youth. These assistances that are provided in the family home also consist of family and individual counseling. The participants are introduced by mental health workers in the district, for our diverse clients in need we have a Life program used to trust and establish hope for our culturally distinct unstable age youth and adults. That are experiencing initial symptoms of psychosis to advance on their life path through adequate support, treatment, and connection (Sierra Vista, 2015).

Community based programs contributing the following: ACT Model Interventions, specific treatment promoting Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, psycho-education, medication services provided, case management services, teamwork and examinations with medical and other mental health professionals, expanding community outreach and awareness while minimizing stigma over psycho-education, assistances provided within the home, office, school, community resource centers, hospitals and other locations as needed (Sierra Vista, 2015).

Children’s Miracle Facility utilizes an empowering approach to services. The 12 basic principles that are used at Children’s Miracle Facility are:

  1. Empowerment-oriented organization precisely establish policies, procedures, and programs link gender, cultural, ethnicity, and other demographic boundaries to adequate service delivery.
  2. Empowerment-oriented build precise networks to support the cooperation of clients in organizational decision-making.
  3. Empowerment-oriented organizations accept the finest managers which are intellectually devoted to the approval of both team representatives and programs inheritors.
  4. Empowerment-oriented organizations devise assistance with programs recipients in that whichever parties (clients, board members, also staff) are comparable members.
  5. The goal of patient involvement in service delivery is the cutback in a person feeling of inadequacy along with advanced quality of, and access to, services.
  6. Empowerment-oriented organizations encourage the practice of team collaboration along with building amidst staff members.
  7. Empowerment-oriented organizations engage clients, staff members, and community groups in open-ended assessments of services and program regeneration.
  8. Empowerment-oriented organizations enroll in unique approaches to boost the psychological approval and motivation of workers.
  9. Empowerment-oriented organizations inspire their staff to promote for changes in policies and services.
  10. Empowerment-oriented board can only yield efficient results when there is a persistent financial backing to continue the organization.
  11. Empowerment-oriented organizations action is to gain political capability as well as the political leadership of program recipients.
  12. Empowerment-oriented organizations recognize the restrictions of participatory management approaches and take proactive measures to balance inclusion in decision-making with tasks associated with organizational maintenance (Lewis, J.A., Lewis, M.D., & Packard, T.R., (2012).  

How clients will be involved in the organizational decision-making processes

At Children’s Miracle Facility the clients and their families will be involved in every aspect of the process from assessment, evaluation, and may also be included in if needed: diagnosis and treatment plan. It is very essential that the client’s and families be dedicated as we are to helping improve their situation and improving their quality of life. The client is asked by a worker how they feel about their situation and what they think, might be able to help them. Their family is given a step by step of everything that could apply to their precise situation, and strengthen how they feel and what they think would or could help their situation. This is where we provide them with different options and recommendations, and this is when we all come together in establishing a treatment plan that will help and support that they need to help the client and their family.



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