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The Development of Human Capital Management

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Essay Preview: The Development of Human Capital Management

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"The development of human capital management in companies has created a new

environment for workers" What strategies would you suggest to the company that

is interested in motivating its stuff? (500 words)

More and more companies have now started to recognise the fact that their employees are their greatest asset. In line with that companies are investing into the development of human capital by providing possibility for their employees to develop their knowledge as a result returning investment through their potential achievements and results.

This is however company size, management and finance specific as not many companies have necessary resources to achieve and develop such strategies to develop their human resources.

In order to develop of human capital management in companies has created a new environment for workers the following factors influenced job satisfaction and

dissatisfaction. According to the American psychologist Frederick Herzberg (1966; 1968) called this a two- factors theory of motivation, the two sets of factors being Motivator and Hygiene factors.

In the motivator factors contents a achievement, advancement, growth, recognition, responsibility and the work itself or also know as content factors. As for motivator factors are expressed of work which lead to high levels of job satisfaction, motivation and performance. By implementing hygiene factor the company will be able motivate their employees to perform and execute their job role. But the hygiene factors are aspects of work which remove job dissatisfaction but which do not contribute to motivation and performance.

In hygiene factors are included pay, company policy, supervision, status, security and working conditions or also known as context factors. Above mentioned its two different factors to reorganize of jobs to increase motivation and performance should such focus on the motivators or content factors.

By having slightly higher staff salary it is possible to attract quality personnel who can potentially have higher work performance resulting to achieve greater profit margin.

Having an attractive company policy but within the context to benefit, protect and advancement the company motivator for all in companies. By managing supervisory style who can close communication with their workers it would be run fast growth from day to day.

Having protection security of working place where would be insure responsibility and feed motion. By improving working condition the workers will be able to increase company's productivity and work



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