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Endings Case

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You know how when people say that there will always be that one person you can never forget no matter what? I think that's pretty valid. No matter who we are, what we do and where we've been in life so far, there will always be that ordinary person who will always have an extraordinary place in our hearts. Sometimes we are afraid of confronting the depths of our beings, our very souls, and sometimes we just don't want to admit it to the world, but it is true. It is true that somewhere out there live the people who once entered our hearts and never left.

I have loved. At the age of 18, I have been through many relationships (mostly not-so-decent-ones at that) already. Just like normal teenagers, I have my own share of first kisses, first dates, first LQ's (love quarrels), first movie marathons and first sleepovers with the people I've been in a relationship with. Inevitably, I also have my own share of the lasts, of the moments that defy the end of each of those relationships. I've experienced last text messages, last phone calls, last kisses, last dates, last LQ's, last movie marathons, last sleepovers and last everything because of the painful (and sometimes torturous) break-ups. Generally speaking, I have had my own share of happiness, sadness, loneliness and misery all because of love. Still, I keep on going.

I've come to think that this really is the GOODBYE. It's sad that we meet hundreds of people throughout our lifetime, then life takes its natural course and we eventually forget about these interesting people through passage of time. Some we don't even get to see in real life ever again. They are reduced to memories, Facebook profiles, phone numbers and faces without names, or the other way around. Can't we accommodate all of the good ones?

Or better yet, can't we know who's going to leave or stay? That way we don't have to waste our time investing our life on someone we'll pass off as a bad memory.

All of this is scaring me because I know that I am wearing my heart on my sleeve right now. I mean, It's supposed to be so easy and yet it is so hard. It's so hard to feel safe with a person and let your guard down when all that's bad has happened in the past. You know, you give your heart away to someone and they break it and you just don't wanna give it away again. And so, when it gets to a moment that you give it away and you let go, and you think the person is perfect, it... it feels great. And that. That's how I feel. And that's how I wanna feel forever.

THE TRUTH IS: Every story has a beginning and an end.

So don't act surprised if "all good things" come to an



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