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English 111 - Bullying

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Junyang.Mei (John)

Final paper

Professor Abriana Jette

English 111

December 13, 2017



    I work as a teacher assistant in elementary school 's after school program. My job is to help the student that have difficulty on their homework. This job is very enjoyable and relax for me and it is fun to teach and play around with the kids. Because it is interesting to see them experience the things that I was experience six years ago. But the time pass by, I see a very serious problem that I was worry about all the time that it is happened, which is bullying. Because peer bullying is a phenomenon prevalent in schools all around the world and teacher is hard to manage them because as everyone know teenager don't think about consequences before they do something.

  .For the first or few times to see that students are bullying each other I though this is normal because kids are always playing around and make fun with their friend and after a few minutes and they become friends again. But one day, this situation become worst. There is a kid name Allen in the class that is getting bully by his friends. It take me a while to figure out it is actual happen to him Because as my impression for this kid is a very optimistic and energetic person. But after few week, he began to look a little stress and depress. Always sitting at the corner and isolated from others. Then I feel very strange. Then I  ask him with concern :"Allen, Are you okay?.Is there anything that I can help you with? You look very unhappy." The he reply with a indifferent voice :" I am good and can you leave me alone. I don't want to talk to anybody." Then I keep asking him Is he sick or have hard time to deal with homework or he fail the class or something. Allen suddenly get annoyed by me and say:"Can you go away?"I try so hard to communicate with this kid and figure out what happen to him or other kids are bullying him or something. but I fail at the end. And I try everyday to talk to him and don't let him feel that lonely.He just want to stay in his own world. Then I walk away since he is okay with everything and I think just something bad is happening in throughout his days and don't want to tell anybody about it. So I always keep my eyes on him. But sometimes this problem can be very extreme because of a little thing is happened. I sometimes see that his friend hide his jacket and pencil case. I though this just a small prank that they play around with. My neglect can lead this to a very serious problem. Because small things can become huge for the children. The bullies become more and more greedy the way they bullying become more and more worst. From stealing a pencil to break others phone. I realize this because Allen's parent come to the school and report there is a kid that is bullying his kid and  break his phone and also there is scars on Allen's body. As I can see Allen is experiencing a very terrible school life and he just a seven grade kid. I can imagine how much tears he drop because of the bullies and he is finally can't endure this and decide tell his parent about this.



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