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English 4a - the Iliad - Achilles and Priam Notes

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Essay Preview: English 4a - the Iliad - Achilles and Priam Notes

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Achilles and Priam Notes

In your reading and viewing of the scene between Achilles and Priam, you will need to pay attention to several aspects of both pieces. These include:

Plot - What happens?

Characterization - How are the characters portrayed?

Setting - Where and when does the action take place?

Use of figurative language - Does either version use poetic language? If so, how?

Imagery - How does the poem create a picture in your mind? What does the director of the film choose to show you?

Theme - What is the meaning of both scenes?

The questions below will help you take notes on these aspects of the poem and the video. For each question, please answer with no fewer than 3 complete sentences.

1. What are some differences between the plots of The Iliad reading selection and the video clip?

2. What is different in the ways Achilles is portrayed? Give examples.

3. What is different in the ways Priam is portrayed? Give examples.

4. Do both versions use figurative language? What is the difference between the two versions? Give examples.

5. What is different in the imagery between what is described in the poem and what is shown in the video clip? Give examples.

6. Is there a difference in the theme of both works? Are they trying to relay different messages or morals to the audience? Give examples.

7. Which work, the poem or the video, is more effective? Which is more entertaining? Which better shows its theme? Why? Give examples.

8. Is there anything from the poem that should be added to the video to make it better? Give specific examples.



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