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English Syllabus

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(Using Bible as a Tool)


This course is designed to help the learners to improve their proficiency in English language in reading, speaking and writing. The course guides them through simple learning methods to master communication skills.


1. The learner knows to construct sentences in correct English

2. The learner speaks and writes good English and understands the language well

3. The learner gains confidence in communication in English


1. The learner will know the correct usage of English language, will know grammar comprehension, precise writing, composition, etc.

2. The learner will observe and analyze various methods of conversational and written communication in order to make his/her ministry useful in church/society/market place. The learner will have the ability to translate sermon/notes from English to their mother tongue or vice versa.

3. The learner will have confidence in using English as a tool in their ministry and are effective communicators. The learner will have the boldness to express themselves correctly and easily in English.

Learning Activities

The following activities are everyday practice:

Classroom lecture: The learners attend 24+ classes in a semester.

Writing Assignments:

Two assignment papers of 250 words each on book reviews/critical analysis, etc.

Reading a passage - for reading skills and pronunciation

Learning vocabulary - a word a day - learning the meaning, root and sentence forming using the word

Library Study - Reading books/autobiography/biography & magazine/Newspapers to cultivate reading habit

Audio-visual(News, Movies, etc) - exposure to correct pronunciation and sentence building, etc.

Work Sheet/book activities

Conversation exercises with classmates, staff, etc.

Writing poetry, articles, etc.

Students are encouraged to read a novel/biography or an autobiography and give a book review at the end of the semester. This will be evaluated and marks will be added towards assignment.

Course Assessment:




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