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English...Oh My God!

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English...Oh my God!

English, as a language, in my opinion, has enjoyed an overwhelming attention in India; if not from our neighbors or the rest of the world. Over the last decade or two, people in most Indian metropolitan cities have been tirelessly nattering English. The youngistan's synonymous to hip & happening. They get a 'wow' feeling to be able to interact with friends & family in English. So much so that the disdain for their mother tongues is palpable. Now, this definitely upsets some of our patrons of the old school of thoughts, who publicly protest the use of English.

While some of you might consider getting the entire world to speak your own language, which undoubtedly is a noble and a revolutionized thought and there's absolutely no harm in trying. But please pardon me while I use English to convey my point.

Have you wondered why this hullabaloo about being able to speak in English? Why is this language, gifted to us by our 'Beloved British', gaining such magnitude in India? Why shouldn't people in Gujarat know to speak only Gujarati, or Marathi in Maharashtra or Tamil in Tamil Nadu? Shouldn't each one of us take pride in our local language and speak just the same? Alas, if only Marathis lived in Mumbai and Gujaratis stayed put in Gujarat alone! If only we didn't need to do business with the world. I'm sure you comprehend what a muddle that can be.

Whether we like it or not, it's predestined that English has gained a widespread approval. There have been nations, supercilious about their native language. They have succeeded to a fine extent in doing business with the world too. Then what would explain a sudden enforcement of English upon their citizens now? Why are some countries threatened by India, considering we are Non-English speaking country but have more number of English speaking populace? That's because India is in-sync with the world. And it has been able to do this by speaking one language. The language of global unity; the language of universal opportunity. As progressive Indians that we are, we can't shy away from English; yet retaining your ethnic originality.

The point I'm drawing at is, please, for Almighty's sake, don't judge English on the hype that it has created or as a threat to dear Mother tongue. English is a language of convenience. We speak English because of its handiness to be on common grounds with the rest of the world. We speak English because our dear Indian lives in every possible country on this planet. We speak English because India has business with the rest of the world.

So for all those who are allergic to the English language, a humble request to treat your allergy and accept this beautiful language which has proved its greatness beyond most others.



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