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Enrique Iglesias Case

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Enrique Iglesias was born on May 8, 1975 in Madrid, His father is Julio Iglesias and his mother is Isabel Preysle. He has two brothers, Chabeli Iglesias and Julio José Iglesias. In 1985 his grandfather was kidnapped in Spain, so Enrique and his family moved to Miami. In Miami, Enrique family was still wealthy; even though he was a part of a wealthy family his preference was to wear inexpensive clothes and wouldn't act spoiled or rich.

His career basically started when he was attending Gulliver Private School, a very famous and well thought of school in Miami. Enrique first performed in the arts here, in a play called Hello Dolly. He sang in this play, and after he began singing without anyone's knowledge. Enrique was also studying business while he was at the University of Miami, but then he decided to drop everything else and follow what he wanted, music. In 1995, he sang for his future manager, at first Enrique didn't want to use his family name, so he went with a fake name called Enrique Martínez he became very popular with that name in Central American. Later he was signed by a man by the name of Fonovisa that is when Enrique's family finally found out about his true calling in life. Then he soon took a plane to Toronto, Canada where no one knew a Spanish singer using a fake name and was able to just think about his music, he recorded there for five months

In 1996, he released his first album in Spanish, called Enrique Iglesias, in it had his great hits Por Amarte, Trapecista, and others. His song Por Amarte was included in a Spanish TV show but slightly altered to fit the TV shows preferences. In 1997 he released Vivir. That album, sold millions of copies and more in only three months and in seven days he earned a gold record in Portugal. Currently today that album has sold a total of six million copies worldwide and more. In 1997 his second album came out called "Vivir" it had more than five million discs and albums sold and launched his very own world tour, his first world tour and he had Elton John, Bruce Springsteen, and Billy Joel. In only three years Enrique sold more than seventeen million Spanish-language albums, it was more than anyone else around that time; the U.S bought most of his albums out of anyone else. In 1996 he achieved the Billboard Artist of the Year for Vivir, two U.S Music Awards, a World Music Award, eight Premio Lo Nuestro Awards, two ACE Performers of the Year Awards, and ASCAP prizes for Best Composer of 1996 and 1997, and many more minor awards not worth mentioning. In 1999, Enrique started a cross-over into the English music market. His first number 1 hit was "Rhythm Divine" it was his first start to English audiences. In 2001, he released another English CD one of his songs "Hero" became a number one hit in many places.



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