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Entrepreneur Are Made

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I think that entrepreneur should be born with some inherent skills but also those skills need to be work on and trained well before it can be fully utilized. Thus, I will say that the arguments that entrepreneur are made are more credible than entrepreneur are born. This is because one does not have to born to be an entrepreneur to succeed in their business although it does help a little. Besides, it is certainly does not mean that a person who born without a family history or natural tendency towards entrepreneurship should shelve their business dreams.

Innate tendency do seem like making certain people willing to take risks in business, more able to identify and put an act on some promising business and are more open to new experiences such as new method of promoting products or new method of working attitude.

Most of the time, the extroverted people are the ones who revel in marketing or selling, activities that a successful business owner must master. So, for individuals that do not share these traits can certainly develop them but only that they will have to work much more harder than those people whereby their traits comes naturally.

Anyone in the world has the opportunity to build a business and become an entrepreneur as long as they have these few characteristics which is an attitude of never giving up, hard work, independence, and strong desire to make money, good networking and the common sense to see things as they are instead of through preconceived notions. Besides, the most important characteristic for a person to become a successful entrepreneur is that they are open to new experiences and are willing to learn from mistakes.

Moreover, the very traits that lead naturally entrepreneur can have some negative sides. This is because most of the entrepreneur failed in their business due to they are over confidence by rely too much on their innate skills and the attitude that do not willing to learn. Thus, causing not enough learned skills. In fact, people who are born to be an entrepreneur most likely will be having a lot of business idea but none of the idea gets adequate attention thus results in failure. They also might get bored for an idea easily in the idea development stage and will start looking for a new idea.

In fact, a survey from a business training program at the University of Southern California shows that 87 percent of successful entrepreneur starts companies in niche where they already have business experiences. From the survey, we know that people who get formal training are more likely to succeed than those people who do not collect experiences even if they are born to be an entrepreneur.

Although entrepreneurs are helped by certain genetic predispositions but these need to be developed in a purposeful manner before they become really useful. So this does not mean that people who born to be an entrepreneur does not have to learned any business knowledge or skills



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