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Environment Case

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I think that we should protect our environment, our future. Prevent pollution by disposing of all your litter and waste in the correct, legal way, such as using on-street waste receptacles when you are out and about, or putting it in your domestic trash can when you're at home. Follow local procedures for normal waste disposal. Contact your local authority for advice on disposing of unusual waste items, such as paint and computer parts.


Recycle all materials that can be processed by your local authority. Place plastics, metals, paper and glass in the correct collection receptacles. Donate unwanted items to charity, such as The Salvation Army, who are happy to accept good condition clothing, furniture and even automobiles.

Look after reserves of water by making sure you turn off the faucet after use and by repairing leaks and drips. Purchase water-efficient appliances. Take showers instead of baths. Gather rainwater for garden use and use your lawn sprinkler less often or not at all.


Conserve energy by choosing Energy Star products. Turn these off, as well as lights, when you don't need them to be on. Use air conditioning and heating less often. Make sure your home is insulated correctly to maintain a steady temperature.


Reduce the amount of material you use. Print emails occasionally or not at all rather than printing them every time. Buy new things when you actually need them rather than on a whim. Organize a car pool with friends to use fuel efficiently. Efficiently managing your use of the world's resources protects the environment.



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