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Epic Case

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Hey Everyone! I just really wanted to let everyone who was tagged in this, and probably more people that i didnt tag (if i didnt tag yourself!!!) but anyways

just know you're reallly awesome! & although not everyone sees you like I do, I do see you like a good friend, whether we've had past probs or waht

we are friends right NOW! & thats awesome.! like, I dunno where I'd be in my life w.o the people that got me where I am to day *ahemm you guys!

& forr your info, I'm thankful each and everrrryyyy second of the day. Because noone can go thruu life w.o friends & be happy! I love alllll of you! <3 &

just know that if you neeed me, I'm here, if I need you, I hope your there. la la la la la loveee youuu allll! : )

Hello Grandpa!

I hope your surgery goes well, I am praying

for you tonight and me, mom, and steve will

be there tomorrow! I just want to let you

know, you're the GREATEST Grandpa ever.

I love you, no matter what you've always got

my back, and you deffinitely give the best

advice ever, you're really awesome. I hope

that you get back in tip top shape for this

summer, we shall fish and I will eventually

get over my fear and take the fish off the

hook. haha, and we can't forget watermellon!

That's the best part, actually the animals are.

You are the best grandpa that I could ask for!!!




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