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Equiano Case

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I thought that the African life before slavery was a very simple life. I imagined that the African community was tribal and distant from any of the modern worlds. I thought of African life being full of scarcely clad black people who conducted themselves in a nomadic way. The account of Olaudah Equiano's homeland is very similar and contrary to my thoughts. Equiano explained that his homeland did not associate with other peoples very often. His people participate in modest clothing and eating. The luxuries are scarce and the few that his people have are bestowed upon the people of distinction. The chiefs of Equiano homeland are marked across the forehead to distinguish them from everyone. This type of tradition did not surprise me. The detail of Equiano's homeland that did catch my eye was their stance on marriage and in particular adultery. Marriage was sacred Equiano's homeland and adultery was an offense that was punishable by death. Ceremonies and festivals are held in celebration of marriage. I did not realize that marriage was held in such high regard in Africa.

If I were taken from my homeland at the age of 11 in the same manner that Equiano was taken from his, I would feel the same way Equiano did.



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