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Ethcis Case

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Business world has become very competitive. The one main reason to this is regularly changing Technology. So when combining technology with the day to day business work, it will increase the working efficiency, productivity and also the quality. When it comes to the technology internet plays a major role. Because of its accuracy and speed internet has become a very needy tool to do day to day business transactions. In most companies employees and employers need a computer with internet to do his work. Because the workloads what that company has totally can be depending on the internet. So when providing internet to the employee, sometimes employee can misuse this resource. If he used internet for non work related activities in working hours that will be a big risk to the organization because it can reduce working accuracy, efficiency and the quality. To overcome with this problem most organizations are monitoring the company's employees.

According to this scenario, the director of a company is asking the administrator to monitor the employee's computers because there is a concern about using work computers using their working hours for non work related activities. In this case director thinks it's happen continually company going to face in a big problem in future. Employees are Such as a using a computer to internet for social networking, personal E-mailing, and listen to the music and for music downloads.

When it comes to the monitoring employees, organizations can't do employee monitoring like the way they want. Organizations should follow some laws, rules and regulations to do proper employee monitoring. But this company director plan to do it without telling anyone and monitor their employees computers. if they follow those, there won't be any interruptions can cause to them. Below I have mentioned some laws which are relevant about the monitoring the employees computers in that scenario.

Data Protection Act, "personal data should be obtained only for one or more specified and lawful purposes, and shall not be further processed in any manner incompatible with that purpose or those purposes."(1998)

The Computer Misuse Act, secure computer materials against, "unauthorized access to the computer material, unauthorized accessed with internet to commit or facilitate commission of further offences and unauthorized modifications of computer materials". (1990)

The review of CMA in 2004, following recommendation was done to CMA 1990, adding an additional offence of "impairing access to data" to cover offenders of dos attack. (2004)

As I mentioned some laws above this scenario, I would like to mention few British Computer Society (BCS) code of conduct which is relevant to above the mentioned scenario



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