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Ethical Issues and Design

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When I was choosing the topic I wanted to write for my senior capstone paper, I tried to pick a topic that wasn't the typical accounting paper that you read or hear about all the time. At the same time I didn't want to pick a topic that was way off the beaten path that would have been difficult finding sources to support my topic. So when I chose sustainability accounting, it was something new to me, but I also looked at it as finding ways for companies to save money; which is why I narrowed my topic to sustainability accounting and going green.

The pros to my topic of sustainability accounting and going green, is that I believe it relates to the direction that many communities in our country and many other countries are striving to seek. Going green, is kind of the new thing, even though it's been around for quite awhile, people are becoming more aware and concerned with our environment and the future we giving ourselves and our children with the products that we use. I really feel like my topic is of a big interest to many people. The con is that I've had a little difficulty trying to stay on the specific topic. I'm trying to figure out ways to go with my topic, if there is a way where I can conduct my own study on a company and how they have gone green and sustained their position in today's economy, or if there is a way I can follow a company in going green and note the positives and negatives of what they encounter. It's very easy for me to find information on sustainability accounting, but to then interpret that information into going green or then find information or resources within that source of going green, has become a little difficult. But I guess it's always good to have a challenge.

Awareness and going green, going hand in hand and so, I feel pretty aware of what is needed to get my project approved, which is why it's still rather overwhelming, but the more I search for sources of information for this topic, the more I am learning how to search and what sources are reliable and it feels really good to be learning so many things about our environment and how we can relate it back to accounting. I feel like this topic is going to be challenging, yet not too challenging, so I believe I am capable of accomplishing this task in 8 weeks, but with never a dull moment.

I'm excited, nervous and anxious, but nonetheless I have already learned many things from choosing this topic, so I'm looking forward to the learning so much more in the next couple of weeks. I still feel like this topic may offer some different routes to go with and I'm all ears and looking for suggestions and direction from my peers and teacher. This project should be very interesting and concluding.



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