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Ethics Essay

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Ethics Essay

The three theories of ethics; virtue, utilitarianism, and deontological have similarities and differences. This essay will state the similarities, differences, and personal experiences.

Virtue theory is also known as virtue ethics. Virtue ethics theory is also known as agent-based or character ethics. Virtues refer to excellence in moral or non-moral actions. Character ethics is the fundamental questions based upon a good character. Virtue ethics primarily focuses on an individual's character or he or she is acting ethically and who upholds high morals and virtues. Virtue ethics is basically an individual that has good intentions toward other individuals.

Utilitarianism ethics emphasizes that an action is morally beneficial to a group. The course of utilitarianism ethics slogan is the greatest good for the greatest number, which is often known as the greater good. Utilitarianism is a theory of when one puts the team first and who is a team player.

Deontology is a moral theory that emphasizes an individual's duty to do a particular action. After completion of the action the individuals involved will bring the greatest good of completing a task. Deontology is contrasted with utilitarianism and it is an action based upon principle.

Principle is justified through an understanding of the structure of an action, the nature of reason, and the operation of the will. The ethics behind deontology is about principle and following the rules.

All three ethical practices have tangible similarities but the number one similarity is the consequences of an action. The differences is one is for an individual, and the other is for a team player.

A personal experience to explain the relationship between virtue, values, and moral concepts that relate to one of the three theories; working in retail one has to have virtue, values, and a moral ethics because customers have to trust who he or she is buying from. Personally virtue theory is how I act in public, values and morals are taught and learned when one is young. Personal experience for utilitarianism; working in retail one always works in a group and has to put the company first. To list a personal experience that relate to the three theories is difficult I try to live each day with virtue, utilitarianism and deontology ethics.



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