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Evaluation Criteria Paper

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Bradford Enterprises is currently experiencing growth over the last 12 months. The company has determined that changes need to be making in the company regarding human resources. Bradford Enterprises decided that the implementation of three specific HR tools to will help the transition of the increase in staff. Help the HR do its job well and manage this expansion. The implements are selection tests, a Human Resource Information System (HRIS), and succession planning tools. Bradford Enterprises needs an HR manager to identify which selection tests, HRIS, and succession planning tools are essential requirements in order to meet the needs of the staff and the company.

Evaluation Criteria Paper

Since the company owner of Bradford Enterprises is looking to expand its human resources department due to the rapid growth and expansion over the last few months it is vital that they take measures in expanding their human resources by improving their Human resource tools. Succession planning consists of knowing the needs of the organization and identifying the key candidates who possess the necessary values, experience, knowledge, and skills. The nine box chart is a great tool to use in succession planning. The nine box chart is a matrix which contains employee categorized by two variables (their performance ranking and their potential for advancement (Magloff, 2012)). This tool allows the organization to fill a position by first promoting from within the company. This is done with a matching system that uses the candidate's skills or experience to the current company needs.

Human Resource Information System is another Human resource tool that is going to be implemented in to the new expansion. The human resources information systems (HRIS) department oversees the delivery and administration of all human resources information system, hardware operations, and the development and support of the center for human resources site (Heathfield, 2012). Updating the computerized human resources information system is vital and should be done if the company is in the process of expanding and refining their resources department. The HRIS systems objective is to make the desired information available in the right form to the right person and the right time (Heathfield, 2012). Bradford Enterprises should fix or use another system that collects the research in order to analyze the right candidate for the job. Data collection is important and since this company is growing it is important that Bradford Enterprises uses a sub system for data collection so that the proper data editing. This method of sub system includes, processing operations, classifying, summarizing, storage data, filing information, and analyzing. The planning of an HRIS system involves identifying the needs as well as the weaknesses in the system that is currently in place. The adoption of online recruiting is one of the tools that will also aid in the expansion of the company because this tool will provide better and more accurate results when pursuing talent management. This system takes all the data and research from a candidate and the position that needs to be filled, and allows the best results in a candidate to be considered for the percentage.

Furthermore, succession planning is not about replacing an existing employee. (Magloff, 2012). The purpose is to prepare the organization and develop its "bench strength" for future organizational requirements. There are five elements to managing a succession process (Magloff, 2012). Succession process makes sure that positions are filled with the right people that will keep the company profitable. For instance if a position like chief officer becomes vacant, it is the human resource job to forecast as far as the causes effects and roles of positions. This is especially true of positions as important as a chief officer's position.



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