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Evaluation the Consultation and Education Department Paper

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Essay Preview: Evaluation the Consultation and Education Department Paper

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Evaluation the Consultation and Education Department


Regina Attoh-Mensah

Instructor: Jane Flournoy

The Greenby Community Mental Health Center, which is the consultation and education department, is going through a hard time. The fund is cut back, and that will not allow the organization to continue with their work. The paper that will be writing will develop and will describe one process evaluation measure, and one outcome evaluation measure mostly suggested for the consultation and education department at the mental health center to display the program with effectiveness and efficiency. This paper will also discuss about the scope and purpose of the process evaluation measure and the outcome evaluation measure chosen, and see how they influence the design. The paper will cover issues and challenges that may arise from evaluating the Greenby Community Mental health Center. At last through this paper, there will be an explanation about how an evaluation may be helpful to the consultation and education department director's situation.

The consultation and education department the Greenby community Mental Health Center is going through problems that could lead to the end of the program that has existed. If that program end, the mental health center will be seriously affected, as the consultation and the education department is a service with the best resource several people used (Lewis, Packard, & Lewis, 2007). In point of fact C and E department use some of their programs in schools, divorce families, and at family workshops. C and E department work with self-referral for drug and alcohol abuse for family therapy. The main problem is that some of the centers do not have staffed and not much active department. In the case study, Henry McDonald the executive director was suggesting to "implement consultation and education as a percentage of each professional's work" (Lewis, Packard, & Lewis, 2007, p. 242), but that program services may cut off, and there is the serious problem Henry McDonald is apprehending. In his explanation, Henry believes that Consultation and Education are luxuries and are not providing the necessary funding programs. That means that cannot be afforded. According to Henry, they need to the resources into programs that carry the weight for more money to earn. The Greenby Community Mental Health Center must take the decision to weather to find a plan to keep the program effective or discontinue the program and the services for the advantage of everyone.

The process evaluation is to assess the organization's activities to see if the programs can work in the positive ways. To start making the decision to cut the department henry should process to the evaluation measure to receive some important information that will let him go through the final decision. To meet the accuracy in the evaluation, the employees set up some objectives that they will meet and also gather data (Lewis, Packard & Lewis, 2007). Using the formative evaluation method will provide feedback and most of the information gathered can be quickly reused by the employees in the organization to make program changes and improvement in the system (Lewis, Packard & Lewis, 2007). "A formative evaluation normally involves a comparison with identified standards for program implementation. This process depends on the existence of clearly defined, measurable program objectives. It also depends on the presence of an information system that can provide answers to the basic process evaluation questions: exactly what services were provided, by whom, for who, to how many, in what time period, at what cost? When this information is used to compare accomplishments with objectives, guidelines for needed program improvements become clear, comparison of alternate methodologies becomes feasible, and accountability becomes a reality" (Lewis, Packard & Lewis, 2007, p. 226).

According to Lewis, Packard & Lewis (2007),



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