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Evaluation Paper: Bonefish Grill

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Essay Preview: Evaluation Paper: Bonefish Grill

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Evaluation Paper: Bonefish Grill

You know, I like Bonefish. I'm really starting to enjoy restaurants with huge community tables. There's something special for sitting down for a drink and getting to know some friendly strangers. My friends and I headed for our own table in the dining room after sitting at the bar a while. We wanted to come here before, but the first time couldn't get in due to the long wait. Apparently during busy times they don't save many tables for reservations so you have to be patient. It always seem to be busy, but the bar is a nice place to drink away the time, and you can also eat at the bar if you're so inclined. The restaurant interior looks casual which is not surprising.

My first favorable impression of this place was the quality of service in all aspects of our dining and drinking experiences. The wait stuff was very attentive but not to the point of intruding on the conversation. Our server was outstanding and very helpful. Our waiter asked us if we'd dined with them before and when we said know, he gave us tons of information about the restaurant. They appear to train their stuff very well because waiters and servers are very knowledgeable. Overall, the service was great.

The best way I can think of to describe the atmosphere of this place as I experienced it is through seemingly contradictory terms: lively but intimate, crowded yet relaxed, and not so loud which is something that I like. I would say the atmosphere was above the average but not the best.

The bar area (which isn't big in size) really draws you in. The light fixtures and d├ęcor make it a very comfortable place to hang out while you're waiting to be seated. I had the Peach Martini (my favorite drink) which was really fruity and tasty. Everything you would expect from a Martini. They tend to wander with offerings of their Signature band shrimp (to make you thirsty!) to nosh on. Overall, the bar area is a fun gathering place with a group of friends.

The food was overall tasty, but I can't see myself wanting to go here again. Nothing jumped out and smacked me in the face. Even the "Bang Bang Shrimp" didn't do it for me because it's simply was your typical shrimp. The menu is fairly simple and straightforward. In fact, the menu should have it all lower case, that's the impressions that it left me with. Nothing on menu is surprising or exciting. They provide some interesting twists, but if you like your meals to be more special, this is not the place for you. My dinner was downright tasty- a grilled chicken topped with spinach and goat cheese. My girlfriend's pork fontina was tasty too. However, our salad, with house vinaigrette was average. The meals( Salmon and Seabass if I remember correctly) my other two friends had were tasty, fresh and cooked properly. They were not overcooked, dry or tasteless so my friends



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