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Evaluation and Judgement

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Evaluation and Judgment


due 7/14/12

* What are the different ways in which we evaluate people?

There are a few different ways in which we evaluate others. One is to see the impressions or reactions when around someone else or when in a group. Their attitudes or how they carry themselves and even their body language are a few ways we tend to evaluate others around us. Most people tend to evaluate others by their appearance such as clothing, hair, weather they have tattoos or not and who they associate with as well and even how they talk. When people are shut down we are more likely to think negative towards them then someone who is smiling and communicating in a pleasant demeanor.

* How do these factors play a role in our expectations of other people?

We base our expectations of others based on our initial evaluation. For example if you meet someone and they carry themselves as being highly educated and professionally dressed our expectations of this person would be higher than that of someone who does not dress as well and talked as if they were not educated. An appearance of a person makes people assume things. If you assume a person is bad you are going to automatically build a wall and shut yourself down to getting to know them. And for all you know that person you assumed to be bad could be the one that saves your life. And the same goes for assuming someone is good, you could let your guard down and that could be the person that does hurt you or turn out to be bad.

* What are the disadvantages of these expectations?

We may be setting our expectations from the appearance of that person way too high or even way too low. That is why the saying goes, "Never judge a book by its cover"; I find this to be true. We should not judge by the appearance of someone weather they are bad or good. I know this from experience I have tattoos and so does my husband, but we chose to move out of California and move to a nice neighborhood that would be better for the kids to be raised in. The neighbors do not talk to us at all, and we know why, I mean we stand out like a sore thumb. Instead of them coming and making conversation with us or coming over to meet us they base their decision on our appearance, which is not fair. If they would talk to us they would figure out we are not different than them, my husband has a really good job in carpentry and I am a Medical Assistant who is



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