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Evaluation and Judgement

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Evaluation and Judgment

What are the different ways in which we evaluate people? I think that the first thing I do when meeting someone or crossing someone's path I evaluate people on their appearance. I always thought that the first impression should be your best. I also look at their body language, dress attire, the way they speak and overall their approach. I think that the way you approach someone should be something that stands out from that person in order to grasp my attention. I think that this allows us to make conclusions about other people. For example, when I assume that someone is showing friendliness, I consider them as being nice and it makes them an easy person to be around. The second thing that plays a crucial role in how we construe and remember information is observation. This helps us to "remember" things about people that we never actually observed. As we begin to know a person, we begin to build attributes towards them. This can cause stereotyping. Stereotyping is a set of characteristics believed to be shared by all members of social category.

How do these factors play a role in our expectations of other people? I think that these factors play a role in our expectations of other people because we expect people to be how we think they should be. For example, I would think that people in Hollywood have nice cars, houses, and money, when really they are everyday people like me. Sometimes they can have mental issues because of something that happened in their childhood and that makes them act the way they do. It can also make them do drugs and drink alcohol. One's appearance make people assume something based on perception of what people supposed to be. I think we all think that celebrities should act one way because of who they are and not realize that they are people to.

What are the disadvantages of these expectations? You can judge someone and they can be totally different than what you observed them as. When you don't know the person how can you make acquisitions towards them? We shouldn't expect others to meet our expectation because everyone we come across will not be what we expect all the time. I feel like you need to accept ones for who they are and not for what they have or look like. We are all human beings that want and needs to be loved. It's okay to get to learn and know someone before writing them off as someone you don't like. I know that I don't meet everyone's expectations. I feel like love or leave me, everyone has a choice.



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