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Every Child Is Special and Unique

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"Every child is special and unique"

Based on the simple quote, Gawad Kalinga has a program that keeps the children of the beneficiaries go to school in an affordable manner they call it Sibol School. My duty at Sibol starts at 8 in the morning and ends at 12 noon. My duty hours there is 4 hours a day and will end if I will reach 100 hours, every day I will be dealing kids at Sibol of ages 3-7 years old. I do really love kids in the first place, because mostly members in my family are kids and if every time I see kids my stress in life will be gone. That is why I did not have a hard time dealing with the kid's attitudes.

The kids at Sibol School were so cute and fun to be with. There is one kid that is almost the same face of mine. My co-interns always tease me because the kid is like my twin. Our tasked there was to help Teacher Eve in teaching the kids how to read and write. Every time I see that kid I just smile and hug him, he reminds me of my childhood years.

My experiences there at Sibol School I may say that can be useful for me as an intern in psychology. Since dealing with children is one of our jobs as a psychologist in the future. I cannot imagine how their teacher can manage to discipline the kids with the kind of attitude their showing, but as the days pass by and thru the help of my co-interns the kid's attitudes were improved. I can also say to myself that it is very important to have a big patience in understanding the children's attitudes.

When I already consumed my 100 hours of duty I then felt the loneliness in me. Then I told myself that every beginning there is an end. I am very thankful that I took part of the improvement of the children's personality and learning.



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