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Expectations Case

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When I think of the beauty of nature which lies before me, I started to think of the different aspects of life and the things I would like to achieve as I started going to school as a child until I become a big man, there is so much good things to achieve out there in society once you put your mind, your heart, and soul into to it, it's there for us to graph and I'm definitely one of those young black guy who is out there going for every good things that life has to give me.

I think I am like most ordinary, modern young man who take my schooling seriously, I have big dreams and high goals for the future and I'm determined to make this happen. I live with my mother and sister and quiet often I would go visit my father and younger brothers by my father side. Life is pretty normal for me because I have a very good, looking and supportive mother who take such great interest in my welfare especially my school work, my mother goes above and beyond to help my sister and I.

I'm a average young man who like challenges, I challenge myself to do hands on training afterschool jobs at my uncle mechanic shop when I can learn to repair cars, it's so good when you learn new skills, it's like a enrichment for me. I purposely sought to what to know everything about cars because I really like them.

I'm also a very big fan of basketball, I start playing basketball from I was seven years old at my school in the little junior league, where I even pursue same in high school until I graduated, I still want to carry on such into college I really like the game of basketball it's my favorite sport.

In my academic achievement I have made the honor rolls a few times passing most of my subjects, my paining grades is a B+ and I should really work harder to get A's because the one quality that all successful people have is the ability to take on responsibilities.

In my closing I would like to say the key to success is the ability to inspire teamwork and leaders must be close enough to relate but far ahead to motivate and I Steve Johnson is determine to do so for success is peace of mind knowing you did your best.



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