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Experience Letter

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I have total work experience of three years at BST Sayona Automation ltd and Bobrick washroom equipments. During my initial work tenure with Bobrick washroom equipments, I was a Project Management associate. I worked on Project mentoring & monitoring, Project performance measuring and validating the results. Participating project reviews and reporting project status and results to Director's of Organization. Strong project management and execution skills using lean six sigma methodologies related to Process Development/Improvement, Capacity utilization, Cost Optimization and helped the organization attain its non tangible benefits like operational, financial and reputational risk control. Secured recommendation letters for exceptionally completing the task given in hand.

I also worked as a Student assistant at California state university Northridge's developmental mathematics program and SSC/EOP department. I tutored engineering students in various subjects like electrical networks, Image processing, digital communication networks, statistics and dynamic mechanics. Secured recommendation letters for effectively tutoring the engineering students.

While working with BST Sayona Automation ltd, as a production manager I was responsible for a variety of tasks such as office process records (OPR's), workflow and Key Job Responsibilities. Quality system implementation & process improvement exercises by applying Lean Six-Sigma framework. Successfully launched new product range in market. Improved vendor performance and decreased cost of some subcontracted works. Improved process with more overall efficiency. The other integral part of my job included being part of the core team that worked on getting our company the ISO 9001:2000 certification. This involved, among other things, maintaining several vital records of supplier evaluation.

I activated bench marks which enabled continuous improvement in the process flow. It was followed by training and upgrading of the business process flow.

I've also got a Six Sigma Green Belt Certification. Then later I want to pursue Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification from. Through the course of doing projects in the above mentioned subjects, I've gained numerous skills like multi-tasking, attention to detail, working under tight deadlines and working with others (co-worker's, sub-ordinates, etc) as a team.

I consider myself independent, quick learner, responsive, and pleasant. I strongly believe that I am worthy of your consideration and can prove to be an asset to your company.

Many thanks for your time and consideration.




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