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Taco Bell Ingredients Issue Letter

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Essay Preview: Taco Bell Ingredients Issue Letter

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Dear Taco Bell Franchise:

I am writing to inform you of the recall of Taco Bell Home Original Taco shells. The taco shells have been removed from the supermarket shelves because a harmful protein pesticide was mixed in the corn shell ingredients.

Test performed by an independent laboratory detected a harmful pesticide named of CRY9c. It has been brought to Kraft Foods and Taco Bells attention Cry9c is a protein pesticide, which is unfit for human to consumption. Kraft Foods was unaware the toxic protein was one of the ingredients in the corn shells. Kraft Foods has taken proper action and recalled 2.9 million Taco bell Home Original taco shells from the supermarket shelves. Kraft Foods is working with the Food Drug Administration to resolve the issues. The company has agreed not to market the Taco Bell Home Original taco shells until the corn shell mixture meets the required regulations. Kraft Foods Corporation wants to avoid any legal consequences from consumers and supermarkets.

Taco Bell Corporation does not want this incident to tarnish its reputation. A statement has been released to the public explaining the taco shell removed from the supermarket shelves are not the same ones used in the Taco Bell stores. A thorough investigation is being conducted to determine how the pesticide is being mixed in the corn shells. There have not been any incidents reported of consumers becoming sick from the taco shells.

Our first priority is the safety and satisfaction of our consumers. Consumers may return the Home Original Taco Bell taco shells to their local supermarket, for a no hassle full refund. Taco Bell Corporation wants to assure the consumer the products used in the Taco Bell stores remain safe and encourage the consumer and stakeholders to maintain confidence in the Taco Bell brand.

Taco Bell Corporations invite the stores and public to address any concerns they may have on this issue. The ultimate goal is to give the consumer the assurance Taco Bell and Kraft Food Corporation is working swiftly and diligently to resolve this critical issue. Please direct your questions and/or concerns to contact Adrienne Morrow in the Crisis Communication Department @ 555-777-4235.


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