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Experience in Syc

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I still remember 9 days of this SYC2004 camp , at least from my report to my chaperone. I experienced many awesome things and situations I'd never seen before as follows , OBS making me be a part of the team and know how important the teamworking is , Cultural Exchange in Presentation and Exhibition letting me see how South-East Asian , Indian and British teenagers spend life in their countries , NTU , Singapore Science Centre,ST Elect and SNP visiting educating me about the advance in science and technology in further studying , enjoying the 3-D science movie , how book is published , Night Safari , Sentosa Island , all day travelling and shopping around Singapore including walking along Orchard Road which is beautifully entirely decorated with many colourful light bulbs solving my wonder that why many people I know always want to come to Singapore ,Walking in mangrove forest and enjoying slapping mosquitoes and the last thing 'the Cultural Night' impressing me with pure nature in Singapore and various cultural performance from every countries.

Friendship is worth making in this camp for me , although difference in language particularly Thai students like me who don't seem to fluently speak and understand English , which is kind of the second language in Thailand , in daily life made me embarrassed some time in the camp. I tried my best to get along with friends from other countries despite being shy in the camp because apparently it wasn't my chance to make the international friends by means of MSN Messenger, blog , webboard but real people. Some friends are still in contact with me , especially Thai delegates.

At last , the image of Singapore city was engraved into my memory not only because the nice scenery and skyscrapers , but also during the time in the camp everywhere I saw was completely clean and tidy.

"Don't let the differences of language and culture block you from making friend"



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