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Experiment with an Egg

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At first, I and my partner guessed that the density of a whole egg is equal to the mean of the density of each of the egg's part because we thought that the whole egg contains an amount of each part, the yolk, the white and the shell and if we separate them out, the parts will stay the same. Therefore, we thought the two densities will be equal. However, after the experiment, we concluded with two different densities. We got 1.19 g/cm³ for the whole egg and 1.04 g/cm³ for the average of the each part's densities (the density of the yolk was 1.17 g/cm³ and the white was 1.07 g/cm³ and the shell was 0.89 g/cm³ ).

I think there were a lot of possible mistakes that I and my partner might have made during this experiment. The biggest possible mistake would be during the process of separating the egg's parts. When we were separating the parts, we might have peeled the shell with a tiny part of white stuck on the shells. Consequently, there might be a change in the mass of the white and shell and which can cause the change in the volume, also. Another possible mistake was that the use of aluminum foil. We used aluminum foil to wrap the yolk and the shell because the yolk might scatters away in water. Also, we used aluminum foil to measure the volume of the shell because the shells are too light to measure them alone in the water. Therefore, we needed to measure the volume of aluminum foil additionally to subtract from the volumes of the yolk and the shell.



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