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Ez-Pleeze Case Study

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Essay Preview: Ez-Pleeze Case Study

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Company description

EZ-Pleeze is a food company that provides corn and potato products they were founded in the early 2000s by CEO Tim Burnes who was a produce farmer for more than 25 years. The company is currently working on expanding the business both domestic and global to be a top seller. To help make this goal achievable they have invested 20 million in technology for product preparation.

A. The organization culture of EZ-pleeze.

The organizational culture of EZ-Please is a hierarchy. A hierarchical corporate culture is an organizational model based on clearly defined corporate levels and structures. With the Hierarchy organizational structure things are ranked according to levels of importance. The corporate setting hierarchies depends upon structure, rules and top-down control to guide business practices and activities. Hierarchy is the best way to identify best practices, control processes and consider oversight within a business which can be the most essential to productivity and success. Much like a inverted pyramid EZ-pleeze food focus on the demands and needs of their customers to not only stay in business but to keep them happy and loyal and the front-line employees who are their biggest assets. Everyone and every department have valuable roles in keeping the company successful. The support given to the front-line employees are the director of marking, manufacturing and products, director of R&D. Followed by “corporate support” Chief of operations, chief of financial officer, CEO ,the board and shareholders. Goal is to make sure things are done the right and everyone is taking care of the proper way.

1. A mission specifies a business in which the firm intends to compete and the customers it intends to serve. EZ- Pleeze is currently the fifth largest corn and potato products company in the United States. In the United States they are leading in their industry research and development. The company focuses on nutrition, genetic, modification and technologies related to produce products processing. The goal is to provide the highest-quality products and customer service. They invest in quality performance, safety and the well-being of their employees. (Ez-Pleeze Case Study). EZ-Pleeze missions states is clear in what the products. But they are clear in what demographic they want to service as far as their customers. The company mission statement gives the company a unique identification. It explains how EZ-Pleeze is different from their competitors.

2. The companies vision statement is “To become recognized as one of the top three corns and potato producers in the United States and the world”. A vision is the foundation for the firm’s mission” The goal of what a company strives to become. (Hitt, Ireland, & Hoskisson, 2015). EZ-pleeze is already supplying 50% of the largest fast food restaurant chains and some are currently considering going international. The company is headed in the right direction to making their vision statement a reality.

Strategic Decision-Making

B. EZ-Pleeze has a hierarchical structure, where there is a direct chain of command from the top of the organization to the bottoms. The senior management team makes serious decisions that are passed down through subsidiary levels of management. (EZ-Pleeze Case study). The strategic team is made of six people who makes sure the hierarchical structure goes smoothly. Tim Burners the Chief executive officer (CEO) . Mr. Burnes takes on the highest-ranking executive in the company. His job is to managing overall operations and resources of the company, the main point of communicating between the board of the directors and corporate operations. He is the public face for Ez-Pleeze and has primary responsibility is corporate decision making. The job of being a CEO is strategy formulation in regard to decision making. As the CEO Burnes he makes sure strategies are prepared and achieve the goals of the organization. The Chief of Operations (COO) Brian Jansen. As a COO Jansen provides leadership, management and vision necessary to ensure that the company has the proper operational controls, administrative and reporting procedures and people systems in places to effectively grow the organization and ensure financial strength and operating efficiency. (cite). In regard to COO influence decision making it is formulate and implement strategy. He provides placement for actions but also manages them. The Chief financial officer (CFO) Karen Haley. As CFO Haley is responsible for managing the financial actions of the company. Tracking a cash flow financial planning and analyzing the company’s financial strengths weaknesses and propose corrective actions. (Kenton,2019).The of CFO is strategy implementation and the role influences decision making because finances and strength and weaknesses determines what a company can and



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