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Face the Facts

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The face the facts article is about how people all over the world our starving even though there is enough food to feed everyone. The article states that one billion go hungry and thirty thousand die each day from starvation. The article also talks about the cycle of poverty and how it affects millions. They end up having no money, no food, and no health care. We may not see people starving around us, but that does not mean that they are not out there. We could stop this starving and hunger, but it would take a lot of sacrifice from everyone and most are not willing to do that.

"The address of his holiness John Paul II to the XXVVIII session of the conference of FAO" talks a lot about hunger and what the church is trying to do. In the address Pope John Paul II states that there are still many tragic situation going on today that involve starvation. The Pope tells us that this is a result of evil mechanisms within the economy and unjust distributions of materials and resources. He also says that morals regarding starvation have gotten so bad that the situation cannot be dealt with by humanitarian assistance alone. The pope tells us that courageous choices must be made to fix the economy and politics that are producing g this famine and starvation. Overall Pope John Paul II not only wants to feed the poor. He also wants to change the way countries use their resources so that the poor are given what they need.

This article has to do with the Social justice theme the option for the poor and vulnerable. It has to do with the option for poor and vulnerable, because the article is about people who are poor and starving and that what this principle deals with. The option for the poor and vulnerable is defined as the choice to put the needs of society's most poor and vulnerable members first among all social concerns. If we put the people that are starving first in priority we will save many people's lives. Often times these people are overlooked and end up dieing from starvation. If we put those people first we could stop the cycle of poverty and make the world a much better place.



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