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Organizational Issues Facing Hurwitz Pediatrics

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Essay Preview: Organizational Issues Facing Hurwitz Pediatrics

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Kava is an island in the South Pacific. One of the most important challenges facing Kava is that over 50% of its pollution is under the age of 15. The population is a mixture of diversity of various ethnic backgrounds like Chinese, African, French, Spanish, and a small number of Americans. The economy strives on many of the islands natural resources like petroleum, coffee, cocoa, spices, bananas, sugar, fishing, and natural gas. The main concern was the island of Kava had numerous disaster threats including tsunami, typhoons, tornadoes, floods, volcanic eruptions, and earthquakes. The island also has health issues such as HIV/AIDS and high risk for avian flu. The internal challenges such as fires, petroleum spill, and terrorism damages the island's infrastructure.

As a small private pediatric company, Hurwitz Pediatrics, our company believes we should no longer overlook the problems of Kava and develop a strategy to improve the island. Eventually deliver high value to our shareholders as Kava's resources are so critical to the world's sustainability. Our company is currently in the process of expanding the office to help the people who are affected by the epidemics on this island. Chris Morales, the founder of this pediatric office has a commitment to doing what is right. Her mission is to provide health care to patients and their families. Satisfying unmet medical needs exemplifies this mission. Before Hurwitz Pediatric can determine how best they can help Kava, an analysis of the organizational and environmental issues facing Kava and Hurwitz Pediatrics must be made. Also how these organizational and environmental issues impact key stakeholders.

Organizational Issues Facing Hurwitz Pediatrics

Hurwitz Pediatrics' Kava staff composes of a Director of Strategic Planning and receptionist (Alex) and a new grad hire strategic business planner (myself, Nik). As Hurwitz Pediatrics determines and executes its efforts to help Kava, Hurwitz Pediatrics must identify the staff necessary to achieve its efforts. Before planning, Hurwitz Pediatrics should hire a receptionist so Alex can completely focus on her director duties.

When considering new hires, beginning with the receptionist, Hurwitz Pediatrics should choose Kava residents. First, this builds a connection with the community as the residents will feel involved in the changes. Second, resident hires can provide Hurwitz Pediatrics with critical information on how Kava operates and the needs and demands of the residents. Third, the money earned is recycled in the community and provide tax money for Kava's infrastructures.

Hurwitz Pediatrics must also familiarize themselves with Kava laws regarding the employment of minors. As 50% of Kava's population is 15 and under, it is likely the use of this labor group will be necessary. Hurwitz Pediatrics must also address communications because Kava residents speak numerous indigenous languages, English, Spanish, and French. Hurwitz Pediatrics should ensure its Kava employees speak a minimum of two languages.

Organization Issues Facing Kava

Kava's organizational issues revolve around infrastructure. Kava's basic infrastructure includes governmental services, community organizations, churches, and established businesses. Kava cannot handle natural and man-made disasters, grow its revenue base, or handle health issues. Another challenge is terrorism both inside and outside of Kava. Hurwitz Pediatrics' efforts must include a plan to support and strengthen Kava's infrastructures.

Environmental Issues facing Hurwitz Pediatrics and Kava

When the work environment is clean and orderly at Hurwitz Pediatrics physical space, the staff's work is more efficient and productive. The patients and partners will have a greater trust in company. The area outside



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