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Needs Faced by the Community

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Essay Preview: Needs Faced by the Community

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There are many needs faced by the community. One of the most important need faced by the community especially the youths, is love. Nowadays, parents often do not have enough time with their children due to their work, or they just simply neglect their child due to other reasons. This is also why the youths start engaging in inappropriate behaviour like smoking and drinking. With the lack of love, these youths will feel lonely and tend to look for ways to cover up their loneliness.

One of the services provided by the organisation is its tuition programme for the youths in the centre. The tuition programme is being held weekly every Saturday morning, 9-12pm. It is conducted by volunteers who are teachers who are currently trainees in NIE. These trainee teachers are there to coach the youths in their homework, and they coach these youths in subjects like English and math which are core subjects in school. This tuition programme meets the needs of the youths as they are there to lend a helping hand to these students. In the community, there are students who used to skip school and idle their time away engaging in wrong behaviour such as smoking and drinking. When they enter the organisation, most of them will definitely want to turn over a new leaf and will eventually want to do well in school. This programme then comes into place to help these students in their schoolwork. Most of the grades of these students are poor and therefore they need a lot of help in their studies in order to pull their grades up. This is where the organisation helps in meeting the needs of these students.

I feel that community service is a necessary thing to be involved in regardless of all ages. I feel especially, that young people should be greatly encouraged to get involved in doing community work. By engaging in community services, these students will be able to get in touch with people who are less fortunate than themselves. Doing community work usually means being involved in doing things that we don't usually do, such as cleaning a household for an elderly who has difficulties in her movements. Through community service, people especially the youths will learn to never take things for granted as they work with people less fortunate. Community services also forces young people to step out of their comfort zones and experience what these unfortunate people are going through, something that others will not be able to comprehend fully without the experience of helping out with community work. I personally feel that community service will be able to strengthen these youths on their civic values as they will be mindful of the way they communicate in front of these unfortunate people or elderly in the process of their community work. They will also be able to learn how to sympathise with others in a plight different from them, and will not look down on these people they might see on the streets. Being engaged in community services will



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