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Falling Case

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Essay Preview: Falling Case

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It pressure my soul form all my goals,

But, I stop the way this flows.

My dreams died when ever I stand,

At it's heartless affair.

It's Evil in every way,

Wise when it plays.

The control holds on my heart,

In the dark where it torn it apart,

But, the soul remain in pain.

And the mind become more insane,

Cause of the flames the Evil train,

To destroy my everlasting name.

Where There's a man who start to sings,

In a key that reach me,

In peace and harmony.

Lets me go free out this cell,

Holds me in my mind.

Entering another world;

Then sees this beautiful girl,

Who's wears blue dress and diamond pearls,

And this strange man who smiles with a evil gin,

That keeps this girl form controlling with me.

My soul that's aches for her,

Yes, I'm sure that my love for her is pure,

But; she was never near the man that I appear to be.

So, she wouldn't ever creation this a new world with me,

Like bloody sheets blending over the love I seek,

Never meet the truth that's inside of me.

The soul crying in sadness and travels in darkness,

The land of the of the heartless,

Where the beautiful girl trap in the Evil cage,

And its hurts me so deeply making more sleepily

Then I take it as a defeat and wishing,

Only if this Evil stop blocking me form peace,

This we ask when falling a sleep.



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