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Fame Case

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Some say he was discovered on YouTube whether this is completely true or not we may never find out. There are people to back up this theory whilst many say it was just a set up to give him the sad and influence story many now want. In the end it shouldn't matter how he was discovered the talent he has and the now influence he has on many young teenagers lives is outstanding. So where does the hatred come in? The music and the perspective of other young males. Most boys have said his music is rubbish and doesn't show himself. It is just what girls want to hear that's why the all love him so much and it doesn't give him a believable character. Many feel as if he is the perfect image of a marketers dream, a 17 year old child, that since his first song has had millions of girls after him, they fall over every word he says, he is world famous and racking the money in for them. The thing is he is just a child or teenager, how can you sing in such depth about love unless you have truly experienced it? Has he had a lifetime of researching all the things he says? He is the highest paid, most influential 17 year old on the planet at the moment. Night after night he fills sold out stadiums full of thousands and thousands of screaming fans. He has girls crying, screaming, and basically falling to their knees



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