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Family Relationships

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Family Relationships

According to GOOGLE, the definition of a family is; a group consisting of parents and children living together in a household. Just because one has a family does not determine a real relationship between one another. But what really defines a family relationship? In A Raisin in the Sun, the play describes some of these relationships that a family has. The three main relationships in a family are between the parent(s) and the child, between siblings, and between husband and wife.

The relationship between the parent and the child, is the most important one in the family because what actions that the parents take or does, can reflect heavily on a child; present or not. In A Raisin in the Sun, Mama Younger's children, Walter and Beneatha respect her as head of the household but do some crazy things while living in it. Walter is always trying out some get rich quick schemes and Mama is so tired of them and feels very hurt when he swindle's the rest of the insurance money on a bad investment; after she told him not to. Beneatha also has been getting out of hand. Mama can't seem to understand why she is the way she is. Beneatha is very independent and isn't afraid to express her views; especially about God and Mama will not tolerate her behavior in her house. All Mama ever wanted to do in life was to make her children happy and provide for them; sometimes she wonders was her best ever good enough.

In any typical family, it is more than likely that there is another off-spring that has been produced, this is called a sibling. Some siblings can get along great without any problems but others, are always at each other's throats. In the play, Walter is depicted as the older brother that thinks he knows everything while Beneatha is the little sister that is very sassy. They argue a lot and often don't see eye to eye on things but, this is all apart of their hate/love relationship. Even when Walter made the mistake and gave away her money for school; she soon forgave him and this situation brought them even closer together and she appreciates' him more.

The final relationship is between a husband and wife. A husband and wife's job is to keep the family in line however; lack of communication between these two can cause a recipe for disaster. For example, in the play, the tension in the relationship between Walter and Ruth is very sad. Between his stubbornness and her "sick of it all" behavior, they would never reach some sort of median between them. Soon enough, after Ruth had threatened to abort their unborn child, was when Walter was prepared to listen and take his wife's feeling's into consideration.

All in all, a family isn't a real family without a relationship between one another. Everyone in a family should know the roles in which they play, either between the parent and child; between siblings; or



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