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Fast Food Favorites

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Fast Food Favorites

Almost everyone enjoys to eating fast food because it is cheap. Many people these days prefer to eat food that makes their food fast and also they do not have to spend more than five dollars. This nation is surrounded with fast food restaurants and there is no one way people can miss one down their street and in every mall. I work at the mall and I tend to eat fast food since it is the only thing near me. My three favorite fast food restaurants which are Wendy's, Dairy Queen and Steak -n- Shake.

One of my favorite fast food restaurants is Wendy's. When I was in high school at the beginning of my senior year I worked at Wendy's and of course I ate their food since I had a fifty percent discount so the food was really cheap. I always craved the spicy chicken nuggets with sweet and sour dipping sauce. Ever since I worked there I know how each dipping sauce taste when I always ordered the spicy chicken nuggets. I love the honey, barbeque, honey mustard, ranch and of course my favorite sweet and sour sauce. I also loved how my manager prepared the sweet tea because it was not too sweet and actually tasted like homemade sweet tea. I am a fanatic of sweet tea and pretty much have tried it at every fast food restaurant I have eaten at. Also I love to enjoy my combos with a dessert. I usually get a small chocolate frosty. I love the taste of it because it reminds me of chocolate milk. Also because it is very creamy and sweet this is a great combination for dessert. These are all the many favorite things I love to eat at Wendy's.

My second favorite fast food restaurant is Dairy Queen. They have the best desserts there such as the blizzards, the sundaes, banana splits, their famous waffle cone ice creams and the DQ ice cream sandwich. I always tend to eat the ice cream cones because I do not have to spend that much money the cones cost one dollar depending on the size. When I am at my aunt apartments my cousins and I always walk to Dairy Queen since it is not too far from the apartment just three to five minutes walking. We go there every time when we are hungry or we just go there to talk and eat some food. It also provides free internet which is great to check Facebook or our emails. Also it has a great video game player for when we bring our little sister and cousins so they will not get bored. Another reason I love eating at dairy queen is their chili cheese fried burritos. They are so delicious and juicy especially when they put the chili all over it and sprinkle some shredded cheddar cheese. I love to eat at Dairy Queen.

My third favorite fast food restaurant is Steak-n-Shake. I always wish Mesquite had one but they do not so I have to drive all the way to Rockwall to go to Steak-n-Shake which is 20 to 30 minutes from my home. I love it there especially there juicy Cheddar Cheese Steak Burger combo which is good money spent because it is only $4.99.



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