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Fast Food

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Fast Food

It is 6:00 pm and a single dad is just getting done putting in 9 long hours at the office. He still has to pick up the kids from the baby sitter, feed them, bath them and get all 3 of them into bed before 8:30 tonight. On the other side of town is a school teacher who is finishing up with her FFA team that she is advising. Her kids have already been dropped off at home by the school bus and are finishing their homework. Her son has a youth baseball game tonight at 7:30 pm and her husband will not get home from work until 7 because he is stuck in traffic. One of them needs to grab supper or nobody will get to eat until very late tonight. Now image that stopping by a fast food place is not an option because they do not exist! Fast food restaurants meet the demands of today's American society.

Convenience is probably one of the number one reasons why there are so many fast food

eating establishments in the US. They are operating during a much wider range of hours than a regular restaurant. For example most Whataburger places are open 24 hours a day while others chains like Jack in the Box are open until 2 am. Hours of operation at a regular sit down restaurant can put a limit on how many visitors they will see. Fast food joints seem to be located down every main road in all towns. A realtor will tell you that the key to a successful business is location, location, location. This is a concept that these food chains seem to have down well. Another great convenience is home delivery which is a service that many pizza companies offer.

There are a wide variety of fast food choices to pick from. Are you in the mood for some American food? Hamburgers and french fries are a popular choice when picking a place to eat. Perhaps you would like a little Italian cuisine. Pizzas can satisfy anybody's taste. It is also a good choice when you have to feed a crowd. Maybe you would like something a little spicy and are craving good old Cajun cooking. Popeye's offers not only chicken, but red bean and rice. Long John Silver's offers up fish with hush puppy or perhaps you would rather have a little taste of Mexico. There are almost as many Tex-Mex fast food locations as there are hamburger places to choose from in Texas.

Time is a commodity that appeals to fast food eaters. When you are on a tight schedule, dinning at a fast food location can save you a lot of time. These eateries have developed an efficient and fast system to get people in and out. Most fast food locations offer a drive through window for people who do not want to get out of their cars. Even the popular Subway chain is starting to get in on the drive thru scene.

Toys and games are fun and appeal to all ages. These are great marketing strategies that entice people to stop by. Kids meals with the newest toys are offered to attract families. Children can greatly



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