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Fate of the Main Characters in the Kite Runner and a Thousand Splendid Suns

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Essay Preview: Fate of the Main Characters in the Kite Runner and a Thousand Splendid Suns

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Jeremy Zhang

Mr. Boardman

Pre-IB English

4 April 2011

Fate of the Main Characters in The Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns

The Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns both by Khaled Hosseini exemplifies that every nation has its group of political extremists. Some types of political extremists are the communists, the fascist, the ultraconservatives, and the ultraliberals. Khaled Hosseini attempts to show the fallout that Afghanistan's violent history with these political extremists has had on a handful of individuals, ending in the sacrifice for one character, and the promise of a new life for another.

Hassan and Mariam are both sacrificial figure in each novel for the welfare of their friends. Hassan is the son of a servant and the best friend of the main character named Amir in The Kite Runner. Hassan is a loyal servant and a friend. During that year's kite flying tournament, Amir wins the first place and Hassan is going to get the grand prize, the blue kite. He is approached by Assef and his gang and is given a choice of handing over the kite or be punished. Hassan, because of his loyalty, chooses his friends over himself and says, "I ran this kite for [Amir]. I ran it fairly. This is [Amir's] kite" (Hosseini 72). Another time, Amir hides his birthday watch and money under Hassan's mattress and tells his Baba that Hassan has stolen his watch and money. When Baba asks Hassan about this, Hassan again acts as a sacrificial figure in this story said, "Yes" (Hosseini 105). Hassan believes that he must help out his friends as much as he could. Although Amir says he doesn't think of Hassan as a friend, and treats him more of as servant. Hassan says the opposite. These sacrifices are essential for the plot of this book. The rape of Hassan is the center point for the plot. This is the reason that Amir seeks redemption. Also, if Hassan does not tell the lie about how he stoles the money and the watch, Amir's Baba will be really disappointed at Amir. What Amir seeks the most is his father's acceptance. On the other hand, Mariam was a different sacrificial figure in the other book A Thousand Splendid Sun. Mariam dies in the hands of the Taliban for the sake of safety of her friend Laila and her family. She is courageous and satisfied at the end of her life: "Not so bad, this was a legitimate end to a life of illegitimate beginning" (Hosseini 370). Mariam just like Hassan, willingly sacrifices herself for the betterment of others. Mariam has to die because of the people of extremists controlling Afghanistan during this time named the Taliban. They make women inferior to men and women are brutally punished for disobeying. Mariam does the unthinkable and kills her husband to save Laila and the family



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