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The Kite Runner Written by Khaled Hosseini

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Essay Preview: The Kite Runner Written by Khaled Hosseini

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In the text 'The Kite Runner' written by Khaled Hosseini, an important event was when Baba and his son Amir departed Kabul on that dark, cold March day in the year of 1981. There was a great need for Baba and Amir to depart Kabul, there was a lot of stress and tension during the departure, this all took a large sum of bravery for Baba and Amir.

There was a lot of tension and violence in Afghanistan due to the Soviet war. Life in Kabul became dangerous, unenjoyable and scary. For one to have a future living in Kabul would be black and white. The officials were shooting anyone who stood in their way, or did not appear to be on their side. Bombs were set, flattering, burning and shattering lives, possessions, homes and futures. "Huddled together in the dining room and waiting for the sun to rise, none of us had any notion that a way of life had ended." That night when the gunshots, yelps and screams began, changed life for ever, for all of those living in Kabul, the rich, the poor, the young, the old. "You couldn't trust anyone in Kabul any more - for a fee or under threat, people told on each other, neighbour on neighbour, child on parent, brother on brother, servant on master, friend on friend." To talk to a friend or even a parent was a very brave move, it could have ended up in a painful, slow and cruel death. The place where Baba and Amir had grown up, taken their first steps and ran with their kites had changed forever. It would never be a safe and happy place again; the danger was not getting better, but worsening. Due to this danger, Amir and Baba needed to flee Kabul, for good.

To stay in Kabul was dangerous, but to attempt at fleeing was just as bad. Baba and Amir knew that there was a huge risk around the flee, but did not see any other option in the situation. Baba made from his point of view, the best and most sensible parental decision, based on his obligation as a father, to give his son the best life that he possibly could. During the flee, Baba ran into some very big trouble. The truck driver, Karim had made an arrangement with the soldiers on guard to bypass when they got to them, but at the check point, a Russian guard catches a glimpse of a young woman. This woman he wanted to use for the price of them all passing the point instead of being killed. He wants "half an hour" with her. Baba would not allow for this young woman to be used in such a way, against her will. When he defends the woman, the Russian man threatens to kill Baba, raising his handgun. Luckily for Babas sake, another Russian officer defends him. The woman kissed Babas hand as a thank you for his life threatening risk he took, to save her dignity. Amir could have been made an orphan. QUOTE/ OPINION - do this at school tomorrow.

Bravery, a theme that was very strong in this event. Firstly, bravery was displayed in the particular part of the event I just explained, when Baba



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