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Violence Is a Critical Part of the Kite Runner

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Essay Preview: Violence Is a Critical Part of the Kite Runner

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Violence is a critical part to The Kite Runner and if there was no violence, The Kite Runner couldn't have been the book that it is. It is such an integral part in the book in the setting (e.g. Afghanistan) and in the character (ex. what Amir has done and what happened to him). Obviously, the most violent act was the rape of Hassan, but that and many other acts of violence have shaped this book in the way it is. Without violence this book would be lifeless and wouldn't invoke the feelings that many and myself have felt from it.

The sexual harassment of Sohrab is very integral to the book especially at the end. That is because Amir knew he was taken by the Taliban, but didn't know if he was being hurt in anyway. The reality of him being sexually abused, especially from Assef, is really heart wrenching. It is circularity in a way because of how Assef sexually assaulted Hassan and then his son, which is sad and cruel. I think if Amir didn't find out he was sexually abused he might not have taken him to America with him. That tragedy with Sohrab related to the one he personally saw to Sohrab, so I think that is what really struck home.

You can even violence towards a whole country like Afghanistan. Afghanistan's history has been full of war, but during the timeline of The Kite Runner, it really has been concentrated. That has also influenced the characters in The Kite Runner. If there was no war with the Russians at that time, then Amir and Baba needn't have to move to America. Also, if Taliban didn't exist (which followed after the Shorawi and the internal fighting to regain control of Afghanistan), then Hassan wouldn't have been shot, Sohrab wouldn't have become a orphan and Amir wouldn't of have to rescue him. That would have basically cut out the entire drama and readability out of this book.

The most violent act in this book was the rape of Hassan. That is what caused all this tension around Amir, Baba and Ali. That led eventually to his leaving, his death and all of Amir's remorse. If he wasn't raped, Amir could've taken him and Ali to America and their lives would have vastly improved. That is not the cause since he was raped. Just because Amir didn't have the courage to stand up or at least tell someone what happened, he took away Hassan potential better life and his own conscious.

Those are the 3 most important reasons that argue my case about violence being the driver behind the car that is The Kite Runner. Those incidents are key points in the plot of The Kite Runner and the book wouldn't be the same without them. It wouldn't have been as interesting or empathizing as a book. Amir wouldn't have any feelings of guilt and he would not need to save Sohrab. Sadly, it is violence which runs this story, but happiness is what it ends with and that is the best part of the book.



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