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Fear of Death

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The topic I am going to pick is the Marcus Aurelius topic. He say "It is not death that man should fear, but he should fear never beginnlg to live." by saying that he mean that the man shouldn't fear to the del, beacuse any day you can dei. Also he main by that is the man can't not think in del, because we born to dai.

First of all, The fear of death is very strong, because everybody think in dai, and if you die you can't not come back. That is one of the reason that the man are scare of. However, the fear of never beginnig to live is more strong that the fear of die, because if you don't live you won't die. I also think that not born is the bigest reason why the man have to really be scare of.

The man never can worry about to dei, because everybody knows that we born to dei, any day. I think if the man start think about death they never will fly in a airplane, because the only thing they going to think is what happen if the airplane going dawn and we will dei. I also think the man have to know that everybody is going to die. However, if you know that you going to dei think in all the good thing that you did. In addition, never think that you are scare of the death.

The only thing the man have to think is to live. If you don't do what you want in your live you never will do it, because we only have one live. For example, if you like three cars try to buy, because if you don't buy in this live you won't buy in your other live, just because we only have one live. in addition, if you don't born you can't have family, friends or anything. we don't want to dei, because of all that thing we have in our live

In conclusion, I think that Marcus Aurelius is right when he said that the man don't have to have fear in the death only in never beginning to live. I was also scare in dei, but I think I am not scare more because everybody is going to dei. in addition, I think that I am not the only who is going to dai.

Eng-101 Departmental Essay Examination 2 Essay

"Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work."

Stephen King

We can not buy talent, it is something that we get from a birth, something that is unique, something that we can not pass to a next generation. However, whether the talent of a person will be used or not is uncertain. Therefore, talent is not everything. Average person can reach success in the life by knowing the goal, believing in yourself, and working hard in order to reach the goal.

Knowing your goal is very important for your success. I can consider it even more important than talent. Talent can be used only in certain field and if under some circumstances a talent person is unnoticeable,



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