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Federalist Case

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Essay Preview: Federalist Case

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During the making of the constitution there was a lot of debating and negotiating. Even after it was made some people were unhappy with it. The task of fixing it was not completed until all states ratify it, so they split up into separate groups the federalist and the anti-federalist. In my opinion I would be on the federalist side because they overall had solutions to the anti-federalist complaints.

The anti-federalist didn't want to ratify for multiple reasons. They thought it gave too much power to the national government and there was no bill of rights. The national government could keep an army in peacetime. Congress applied too much power and the executive branch held too much power. I would side with the federalist because they had answers for the anti-federalist complaints. They thought the separation of powers into three independent branches protected the rights of the people. Each branch represents a different aspect of the people, and because all three branches are equal, no one group can assume control over another. Since it was dangerous to list rights the federalist thought it would be better to not list any at all.

Overall, the federalists were more organized. By June 1788, the Constitution was close to ratification. Nine states had ratified and New Hampshire was needed. To accomplish this, the Federalists agreed that once Congress met, it would draft a bill of rights. That's why I would side with the federalist.



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