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Fight Club

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The 2nd part of fight club chapter 12-22 interests me a lot, because basically after all the introduction and relations are figured out, the author move the story into its main point, and that's to talk more about "fight", overall so far one things been cleared out, Marla and Tyler are not the same person like I predicted, since Tyler plays a cruel prank on her and her mother, while the main narrator tries to apologize about his friend's behavior, which also shows that the narrator and Marla are not the same person, that leaves Tyler and the narrator, the author gives out hints through the book that they might be the same person, it starts with Tyler inventing the project mayhem, his goal is to recover the earth and save the humanity, the narrator without any wonder what so ever follows Tyler's order and does everything he says, his name is identified as Joe because he always calls himself I'm Joe's (blank),

Minor conflicts are being introduced more and more, such as Tyler and Marla, Joe quickly solves the problem in the next chapter by apologizing on Tyler's behalf, a major conflict is being hinted of happening between Joe and Tyler. Joe takes Tyler as his idol, he tries to be like him, but he doesn't have confidence in him, Tyler on the other hand, is achieving more and more, first Marla, then he assumes leadership role for both project mayhem and fight club, while he admires Tyler, deeply think Joe's hatred is taking over his mid and body.



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