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Film and How It Has Evolved

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Essay Preview: Film and How It Has Evolved

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Elizabeth Touchet

Professor Lebrun

English 1010-05N

 23 March 2018

Film and how it has Evolved

        Film was originally known as the way movies were made. The name derived from the strip of transparent material covered with a photographic emulsion and perforated edges with the intended use of recording and reproduction. Since the strip was so thin as to be transparent they decided to officially call it film.

        Film movies are very rarely made now-a-days due to advances in technology. It is now thought to be a more delicate form of movies even though the graphics are not the best. This just goes to show how much parts of the world have evolved in entertainment.

        One of the teachers said that she would define film today to be a form of capturing motion or emotion. Which is a really interesting concept. Because in that sense images can be considered film because it can capture emotion just as if it were a motion picture capturing emotion.

        The other teacher stated that one of the main differences between film and video is that film has a specific focus. It focuses on what is going on right in front of the camera and not the background. They also said that the best way to become a better film maker is to watch all of the films that are available in this day-and-age. Because the more exposure to other printed films the better the understanding will be.



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