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Final Girls by Riley Sager

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Essay Preview: Final Girls by Riley Sager

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Advanced English 10

16 September 2018

The Final, Final Girl

Final Girls by Riley Sager, tells the captivating story of three girls, each surviving massacres. Ten years ago, Quincy Carpenter went to Pine Cottage, in hopes of celebrating her friends birthday, but she was the only one to survive a massacre. Quincy is a final girl, one of three, they have never met but they know each other through the press. The other two are named Lisa Milner. who survived a sorority house massacre, and Samantha Boyd, who survived an attack during her shift at the Night Inn. Until Lisa one of the final girls was found dead, the girls had never met. The theme revealed throughout the book is people are not always who they say they are. This is shown when Quincy is telling everyone she is fine, but it is slowly revealed that she is just hiding her pain very well.

Quincy is a courageous woman who wants nothing more then to move past Pine Cottage. She does not remember what happened except for the events leading up to it, being covered in blood, and being saved by a police officer named Coop. Quincy finished college, and she has a steady boyfriend, along with a prosperous baking blog. She manages to look like she is fine because of her ability to obscure her reliance of Xanax, and her tendency for theft. That is until Lisa is found dead, and Samantha reveals everything Quincy has been hiding.

Samantha shows up on Quincy's doorstep in hopes of examining her well-being after Lisa's death. Samantha makes it clear she has other motives, like trying to get Quincy to remember her past life, and challenges her new life. She is the only person who understands what Quincy went through. She introduces a sense of khaos in Quincy's life, and encourages her to show the messy parts. Quincy was convinced that her and Samantha could help each other, when new details about Lisa’s death come up, Quincy's life becomes confusing as she tries to unravel Samantha's truths and lies. Eventually leading up to Samantha being an imposter, and the real Samantha is dead.

While Quincy was trying to discover Samantha's truths and lies she discovered the most shocking of all. Coop was the police officer who saved her life, and always made sure she was mentally stable. Coop was always Quincy's shoulder to cry on, available day, and night. He never revealed much about himself, just enough to help. But when she starts to uncover the truth about Samantha she finds out that she was wrong about Coop the whole time, instead of being the hero in her story he was actually villain. He was the one who killed all of her friends.

Final Girls was a nail biting, captivating novel. It keeps



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