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Final Exam Essay Questions

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Answer ANY TWO of the questions in this section


74. Imagine you are a molecule of glucose inside a cell. Describe your journey as you are converted

into carbon dioxide and energy, and how the molecule in your bonds is converted to energy useful

for cellular reactions. It is not necessary to name all the intermediates and enzymes, but try to

point out the important points as you go along.

75. Discuss the organization of genetic material within a eukaryotic genome. In your

discussion, ensure that you include the following terms: chromatin, histones, nucleosome,

supercoiling, variable number of tandem repeats (VNTRs). Other relevant terms can also

be included in your discussion.

76. Pick one of the commercial or industrial uses of enzymes you have studied in this

course and write an essay outlining how the enzyme is used and explain its personal

relevance to you.

77. Our conception of the gene has developed during the last century and a half from a

'factor' somehow involved in inheritance to the 'one gene: one polypeptide' hypothesis.

Describe the steps in the development of our understanding of the gene with reference to

the work of Mendel, Beadle and Tatum, and Ingram.

78. Some scientists have speculated that certain young female Olympic gymnasts may have been given growth hormone inhibitors. Why might the gymnasts have been given growth

inhibitors. Do you think hormone levels should be altered to regulate growth patterns?



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