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Five Star Hotel Systems Corporation - Five Star Hotel Software

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Essay Preview: Five Star Hotel Systems Corporation - Five Star Hotel Software

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Five Star Hotel Software

By working part-timely as a Guest Service Agent at The Medicine Hat Lodge Resort, Casino & Spa, Five Star Hotel Software is the one I have been using every shift to complete my job, fulfil customers’ needs, and meet corporate’s sales goals. Five Star Hotel Software is one of “the most comprehensive suite of Windows based software for hotels” which is developed by Five Star Hotel Systems Corporation (Hotel Online News, 2013).

Five Star Hotel Systems Corporation is a Canadian company that was built in 1994. This corporate and their products, such as Five Star Hotel Software, do not have too long history or too much public records online – the cost of this hotel software cannot even be found online, but since 1994, “[Five Star Hotel Systems Corporation] has been continuously focused on clients’ needs and their feedback, resulting in hotel software that is simple for [their clients] to learn and use, extremely reliable, and very cost effective due to its low support requirements” (Five Star Hotel Systems, n.d., Home section, para. 1). By having dealers throughout North America, “over 550 properties have chosen the Five Star System, making it the number one selling system in Canada” (Hotel Online News, 2013).

Five Star Hotel Software is Hotel ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software, which is “a software solution developed & designed for hoteliers to manage… It provides easy to use hotel billing software, reservation system and online hotel booking software” (Software Suggest, n.d., Hotel Management Software section, para. 3). Five Star Hotel Software has two versions to offer, Full Five Star and Five Star Lite, depending on a hotel’s room count. According to the information on the Five Star Hotel Systems website, “the Full Five Star program is designed for hotels over 44 rooms, or those properties under 44 rooms offering high service such as a resort or specialty inn services… [And] the Lite Five Star program is designed for hotels with fewer than 44 rooms; however, both fully integrate with all of the additional modules offered by Five Star” (Products section, para. 1). Medicine Hat Lodge is using the full version of Five Star since it is a quite large hotel, offering a variety of amenities including 222 guest rooms and luxury suites, Banquet & Meeting facilities, restaurant, indoor pool and waterslide, a Full Service Casino and so much more (Medicine Hat Lodge, n.d.). The complete suite of Five Star Hotel Software mainly includes:

• “Hotel and Front Office Management software (the core program)”

• “Fully integrated, real time Internet Reservations”

• “Fully integrated Banquet & Catering”

• “Fully integrated Back Office including General Ledger, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable”

• “Fully integrated dining room or gift shop touch screen Point of Sale”

• “Fully integrated Call Accounting”

• “Interfaces for most POS, telephone, movie, card lock, etc.” (Five Star Hotel Systems, n.d., Home section, para. 2).

More specially, take their main program, Front Office, as an example, there are a comprehensive suite of advanced features, which are:

• “Yield management for automatic rate



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