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Fixed Costs

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Over the past few years, America has been in a moral slump that has declined at an increasing rate, and there is little evidence to show any reason for optimism that it's going to improve. Water pollution is a big issue in our world today and since it is a necessity for all life and a common good from which all people benefit, it is important that we conserve it and avoid building a feeling of depraved indifference towards waste and pollution. Water is probably the only free thing you can get anywhere, which is a contributing factor to why it is so undervalue. A utilitarian might argue that since most people have access to clean water and only an 8th of the population is suffering, then the rest of the billions of people do not have to change their life styles to accommodate. I don't agree with this assumption at all, it is our obligation to take care of one another in the present time and in the future times to come. Humanity has always been different than all other creatures in this manner that we adhere and provide for each other's needs with the consciousness that we are given by God. Water sustains all life such as, humans, trees, animals, and soil and we can't keep polluting it and wasting it like we have been. In order to achieve an adequate supply of water, people must conserve water, which entails sacrifices and a less absorbed way of thinking. We know that God cannot be dragged to a Court of Law; therefore we must learn to excuse the uncertainties of rainfall and step up. There are many rural areas around the world that rain touches only a couple of times per year this brings about many fatal illnesses. Many people believe water is an infinite resource and that it's pointless to conserve but the issue here is that the people on the earth use fresh water faster than it can be naturally replenished. Our consumerism has driven us to use and waste water in massive amounts because of the belief that water is an infinite resource, but in reality we should try to conserve it for the present generation of people today suffering from a lack of it and the future benefit of the generations to come.

Consumerism has taken over our corporations and society's' mindset today and it has been a collective effort by social media and societal leaders to portray the message that we need the newest and best stuff. This ideology is the cause for people's ignorance regarding the environment and is what allows waste and chemicals in massive amounts to creep into our water supplies. The harmful chemicals in our garbage landfills seep into the ground, and reach the oceans and other bodies of water as well as our groundwater. It is a much longer process to purify water then people actually believe, and to continue to waste and pollute it unceasingly. When considering this continuous exponential moral decline, you can blame some factors such as America's contribution to pollution which is 25% of the entire world's output coming from 4% of the population. Or you can also blame the 356 billion pounds of waste a year that leads all other nations, but most importantly the 416 billion gallons of water our country uses every year. Why is this relevant? Because 900



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