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Personal Essay - College Education Costs

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Essay Preview: Personal Essay - College Education Costs

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College education costs are increasingly rising throughout the country. These "slight" increases may not sound like much to some, but colleges and universities continue to tack that onto their already almost unfeasible costs. Some families, such as mine, really begin to struggle with even their bare necessities. In most high schools today, a majority of the students are taught that a college education is a necessity for a successful career when compared to the past. That mindset has been infused into us and therefore is causing a significant upsurge in the number of young adults attending some sort of secondary schooling. Recently, Pennsylvania unveiled a new budget which would include heavy cuts for funding of state-owned four year colleges. Billions will be cut from the education sector, affecting thousands of students like me. There are a total of 14 state-owned universities, and 4 others that receive some form of funding from the state. The current economic climate has made money in most households a "luxury". I have watched my parents struggle financially so that I can continue to receive my education. The rising tuition costs when combined with the proposed government funding cuts to state schools are causing community colleges' enrollment to increase, forcing some students to drop out of the institutions they are already in, and driving a good amount of high school graduates right into the work force or military.

Community college enrollment numbers have been soaring over the past 10 years. More citizens are attending college now than at any other point in history. A good amount of these students are from generations other than my own. Many adults are finding time to take classes here and there to earn the degree they never had before. Some go so that they can certify themselves in their field and climb the pay scale. The substantial difference in cost is also very enticing to both young and old. As I have found out with my summer classes, registering in a 3 credit class at a community college can save you thousands upon thousands when compared to private schools. Several teachers and family friends of mine have chosen this route for that exact reason. Each academic year seems to bring new enrollment records to many community colleges. Money became tight when the recession hit in 2008, and dramatically altered paths for countless people.

Many students already attend the 18 universities whose funding will be cut. In essence, some of these students find themselves "stuck". I find myself in the exact situation. Many families planned for their child's education costs accordingly with their school's current tuition rates. No one planned for cuts of up to 50%, which will only dramatically increase costs for everyone. Some students, much like me, knew they were going to schools that they could barely afford. Everyone should be able to chase their dreams, and have the choice of where they would like to continue their schooling. A very good amount of kids



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